Thursday April 6, 2017 is the 5th annual Scituate Science Spectacular! It will be held at Scituate High School from 4:00 to 7:00 pm where the amazing work of students, teachers, and volunteers will be showcased. Whether you are participating or not, don’t forget to go check it out! To learn more, go to https://www.scituatesteamcollaborative.com


#Good Reads


Do you ever get so excited about a book that can’t wait to go home and finish it? Lately, I have gotten that feeling a lot! I think the reason is that I have been choosing books that are just right for me! When you choose your next book, think about your favorite genres such as mystery or nonfiction. Then, think about how many pages you are capable of reading. You can also think about your favorite authors and series.

If you are having trouble finding a good book, then check out http://www.goodreads.com.
On this website you can search, browse, and read reviews on your next favorite book! http://www.amightygirl.com suggests great books for girls with different themes and levels of difficulty. Some of my favorite books, authors, genres, etc. include…

*The Miraculous Journey Of Edward Tulane- Kate Dicamillo

*The Doll People Series- Ann M. Martin

*The Dirt Diary Series- Ann Staniszewski

*The Penderwick Series- Jeanne Birdsall

*My brother is really into the author Rick Riordan (@camphalfblood) who writes about mythology and adventure!

I hope that your next book is just right for you! Leave a comment of your favorite books below.



It’s getting cold here in Scituate. A nice hot bath would do the trick. But before you hop in, head over to Lush, an awesome store located in the Braintree Plaza! They sell fresh handmade cosmetics such as bath bombs, face masks, and bubble bars. Hurry in, because they sell out fast! The first time I stepped into Lush, I truly fell in love! The workers are so friendly. They tell you about all of their amazing products and they even let you try some! You can also purchase lip balm, scrubs, and shower gel at Lush. The store sells boxes filled with Lush products and wrapped with adorable paper that you can buy too! So before you take a bath this winter, drop in a Lush bath bomb!

#Thanksgiving Craft


Thanksgiving is coming! Time for turkey and time to eat! This awesome craft will make your Thanksgiving one of the best!

What You Need: Gather as many pinecones as you want in your backyard. [It takes one pinecone to make each turkey.] Buy some fake feathers at a local craft store. You can use whatever colors you like! You also will need orange felt or paper and 2 googley-eyes for each turkey! To make this craft, you have to have glue too!

  1. Glue an orange piece of felt/paper shaped like a triangle in the center of the pinecone.
  2. Above the orange triangle, glue on 2 googley-eyes right next to each other.
  3. Turn the pinecone around. Take one feather and glue it onto the back of the pinecone. Glue on 5-6 feathers on each turkey.
  4. Let your turkey dry for about 1 hour!
  5. Your cute turkey will make an awesome centerpiece on the table this Thanksgiving!

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#Harbor Halloween


Halloween is coming! It’s almost time to go trick-or-treating and gather sweets and treats! The best place to go trick-or-treating is Scituate Harbor! All of the stores are open and they give out tons of candy! The music store is pretty scary! Dunkin Donuts gives out free donuts! Harbor Light Toy Company gives out toys too! I guarantee that your bag will be full! This year, local stores like Native and Goodies are selling bags to help pay for the police detail! These awesome bags cost $5 each! Please purchase some to make this Harbor Halloween the best one yet!



* NO Corn Syrup
* NO Partially Hydrogented Oils
* NO Artificial Ingredients/ Flavorings
* NO GMO’s
* NO Preservatives
* Real Cacao
* Less Pure Cane Sugar
* Real Caramel and Peanuts
* Real Milk
*This means their products have fewer calories and more protein and fiber.
Tom Brady agrees that Unreal Candy tastes great! So if you are looking for something sweet look for Unreal Candy! Instead of Reese’s choose an Unreal Candy Peanut Butter Cup! I guarantee that you’ll find Unreal Candy delicious!
For more information on Unreal Candy go to http://getunreal.com/
Also check out this cool video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YOOeNvls7qc