#Thanksgiving Craft


Thanksgiving is coming! Time for turkey and time to eat! This awesome craft will make your Thanksgiving one of the best!

What You Need: Gather as many pinecones as you want in your backyard. [It takes one pinecone to make each turkey.] Buy some fake feathers at a local craft store. You can use whatever colors you like! You also will need orange felt or paper and 2 googley-eyes for each turkey! To make this craft, you have to have glue too!

  1. Glue an orange piece of felt/paper shaped like a triangle in the center of the pinecone.
  2. Above the orange triangle, glue on 2 googley-eyes right next to each other.
  3. Turn the pinecone around. Take one feather and glue it onto the back of the pinecone. Glue on 5-6 feathers on each turkey.
  4. Let your turkey dry for about 1 hour!
  5. Your cute turkey will make an awesome centerpiece on the table this Thanksgiving!

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